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Färjestad 4-1 Jokerit FBK group winners after win against Jokerit

Written By Emile on Sunday, October 28, 2012 | 11:32 AM

Färjestad met Jokerit home in Lofbergslila Arena, in a decisive match as the team that would reach the playoffs in the European Trophy. FBK managed to win the match with 4-1, even superstars like Erik Karlsson (Ottowa) and Valteri Filppula (Detroit) on the team. Färjestads goal was made ​​by Per Aslund, Patrik Lundh, Magnus Nygren and Marius Holtet, in that order.

Period 1
The match started very well for the home side who took the lead after just one minute and five seconds. Joakim Hill Ding fired a shot that the goalkeeper dropped back on and Per Aslund could hit the goal line. Passing points also to Mikael Johansson, and today's fourth chain had presented itself.

First deportation affects Färjestad and Marcus Paulsson who got to sit on botbänken for Holding the stick with the clock at 1:45. However, it was done well and managed the game outnumbered, despite some pressure from Jokerits page. After more than seven minutes had Farjestad play their first power play when Steve Moses had to sit two minutes for hooking. But even Jokerit turned out well in the game with a man less on the ice, and Farjestad did not get any good scoring opportunity.

Neither team had so far played in high speed. A little care and very disciplined. After more than sixteen minutes Jokerit made a really good scoring chance, but Salak makes a good save. Minute after bet Ole-Kristian Tollefsen to insert an open-ice tackle on Ben Eaves in my zone. Rigging took so bad that the American, who has been injured a lot the last, lay long. The neck had to be stabilized with a collar, and the judges took the decision to suspend the period after 18:05. Eaves was rolled slowly out on a stretcher by paramedics and taken to hospital immediately. The remaining time was played in the next period.

Period 1 (1:55 remaining)
In a two against one mode Ilari Filppula gave the puck to Steve Moses rounded Salak and put acknowledgment puck. Second Assistant went to Teemu Eronen. The end result for period 1 was thus 1-1, but a shot statistics in Figures 8-6 with Farjestad first.

Period 2
The second act begins well for the home team also, without dividends. It was early on a double chance which Jokerits goalkeeper, Eero Kilpeläinen, rescued. They continued to press and have much puck in the offensive zone, but found it difficult to get to some really dangerous situations.

With just over seven minutes played of the second period was the first Jokerits Jeremy Dehner sent off for holding, but Farjestad got only power play in twenty-one seconds before the Christian Berglund had to sit even he. The title was entrapment, and game four against four for almost two minutes. A little more intensity in the second period. More tackles and higher speed of the players.

With the fifth Jokerit player on the pitch had to be completed prior to two powerplay game was over, but Alexander Salak saved both. Half Minute after got Joakim Hill Ding a double chance but Jokerits goalie played great in goal and made sure it was still 1-1. However, he would surrender just over a minute later, when Patrik Lundh , assisted by Rickard Wallin , could do 2-1 for Farjestad.

With the match clock at 12:07 went Chris Lee out for hooking, and the new powerplay location for guests. However, it would be fruitless when FBK again defended himself very well. Minutes went there Jokerit had some pressure and shots, but Färjestads Czech goalie continued to play well, and after 17:52 had Jokerits Petteri Lindbohm penalty for high sticking. The expulsion would prove disastrous for the away team when Magnus Nygren charged large cannon from the offensive blue and sat 3-1 for Farjestad. Powerplaymål, and standby credits to Chris Lee and Mikael Johansson.

The second period ended 2-0 to Farjestad, and 3-1 on the board. The Scotsman won it big with 18-7, and after two periods, it was 26-13 in total shots statistics.

Period 3
The third period begins with a solo by Erik Karlsson . He shoved aside away a FBK player but could not outsmart Alexander Salak with his backhand shot. Jokerit continued to press, but found it difficult to get into dangerous scoring opportunities. Färjestad have minutes later two good scoring opportunities, but the goalkeeper saves. Jokerit then added a gear to reduce the målmässiga upper hand, but the home team withstood the pressure well.

Team worked his way closer and closer. After more than twelve minutes of playing time had taken over most of the puck possession, but Farjestad defended himself well, but Salak as the last outpost. But when you push too hard, it can quickly turn. Christian Berglund and Patrik Lundh worried but Kilpeläinen survived. Instead, Captain Wallin sit in the booth for two minutes for the puck out, with the match clock at 15:16.

Jokerit took in connection with the expulsion time out and picked goalie to play six to four in two minutes. They got a really good chance, but Salak could stretch their legs and scared. Another shot came, but Farjestad goalkeeper saved also, and when FBK was full strength and it became face-off in the neutral zone, picked Jokerit in their goalie again.

They tried, however, to pick out the goalkeeper once more, but then became Marius Holtet instead frispelad by Christian Berglund, and was able to close the game for good when he nailed the final score, 4-1. With the win win group and are further in the playoffs in the European Trophy! Finals played 13 to 16 December.

It is worth noting
Ben Eaves was taken to hospital after the blast in the central zone of Tollefsen. Feared neck injury, but was positive that he could move the fingers and toes.

Match Statistics
Färjestad BK - Jokerit (1-1, 2-0, 1-0)

Period 1
1-0 (1:05) Per Aslund (J. Hill Ding, M. Johansson) Signal
1-1 (18:32) Steve Moses (I. Filppula, T. Eronen) EQ

Period 2
2-1 (11:14) Patrik Lundh (R. Wallin) EQ
3-1 (18:12) Magnus Nygren (C. Lee, M. Johansson) PP1

Period 3
4-1 (18:35) Marius Holtet (C. Berglund) EQ

Shots: 38-25
Attendance: 4439
Judge: Pehr Claesson, David Berg husband

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