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JYP-striker Matias Myttynen made a comeback

Written By Emile on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | 5:15 PM

Karmeudesta made a comeback power to get sick real action when Hurricane Aces shirts were overwhelmed by numbers on a score of 2-0.

Granulocyte the minds of the villagers were in the country after the match. Aces did not give visitors just seams, but the match progressed from beginning to end hosts pace.

JYP dressing room was found, however, one player whose thoughts were not perhaps quite as dark as the others. Matias Myttynen was the Jyväskylä crew nearly two months after the break. The young man played for JYP fourth chain with Jonne Virtanen and Markus Nenonen with.

- It was great to get to play, and yet this kind of place. Fine to be involved. Into was tough when you have been away for so long. Nenonen with Smith and I have been in the past the same chain. It's nice to play with them.

- On the other hand, this is not terribly pleased to be lost when doing paint anything. Both for itself and the team was a huge improvement, Myttynen warns against.

Myttysen games continued last lynx in the spring-shirt. Then, however, the atmosphere was completely different, the Tampere post substantial qualifiers against Sportia Vaasa.

- The difference between the games is tremendous. They are gruesome battles to players while they are fine. These games have to enjoy, even today hävisimmekin.

JYP was today full pot of shirts in the legs. From time to time the teams in the game seemed reluctant to even.

- It's been half-hearted. Aces today was all better. Our level of current is not enough, we need more little bit of everything, Myttynen thought.

Hurrikaanipaidoilla is almost forced to win a place when the teams meet next time in Jyväskylä, Finland on Friday. The manner in which teams turn to courses?

- A cliché, we need to go to a game at a time. You need to be a lot sharper. Finally, it is a quite simple way in which this is turned. I just have to score more ace to finish than they do to us, Myttynen decided.

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