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Nerves and ribbons with hard in Pori, Finland

Written By Emile on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | 5:09 PM

Aces and JYP second semi-final battle was expected to more accurate torque than Monday, Jyväskylä. Such a struggle was formed, even though both goalies plenty of goalkeeping kirjauttivatkin. JYP failed to pass Antti Raantaa even once, so the Aces escaped from the series already on the run for a small 2-0-you are.

Great Hill Wednesday night the script did not offer many turn anything, but a lot of excitement. The match was played mostly in mild ace the command of the center of JYP found himself a few episodes of pressure. The game was close to the opening goal in a couple of minutes, when Joel Armia bombed the superiority irons, and Mika Niemi put the puck return an empty paint instead of the end of the network.

Match winning goal was seen shortly before the second installment of the mid Jonne Virtanen sitting in the penalty bench. The attacker Kolossi acquired a four-minute high-stick to seat as a result. Aces superior game paid off a little unexpected direction. Long time forced the game has responsibility Tapio Sammalkangas lashed ylivoimaosumansa the first 12 years. An excellent supply of goals down waiters Michael Ryan.

- Every time I get to the airport superiority, I will smite the disc into the cage, scorer of skiers Radio Pori erätaukohaastattelussa.

JYP computer did not start properly Aces skating mill right at any stage. Visitors the best moments took place in the second and the third installment of the final minutes. In particular, Eric Perrin, led by the number one vitja created a few dangerous situation. The decision to actively playing squad Yohann Auvitu was close to leveling, but Antti Raanta occupied in a French company. After the match, JYP-pilot Jyrki Aho was quite a few words.

- The numbers say it all. Aces was a little sharper and managed to make one goal superiority and the other empty. At the end we made some kind of chase.

- Next, understand that played in the third fight, I calculated Aho.
Feelings of hot, cold goalie

JYP chase it difficult to come to the middle of the third installment of consecutive shorthanded. Wednesday's closing stock also seemed to be a difference between the teams number one chain. JYP tried to heat up the cape chain, but the only actual hotheads were Perrin and Ramzi Abid. A good example of this was seen during the last ten minutes, when Veli-Matti Clay woman went to remove the Perrin kahakasta brisk neck loop. Situation after Savinainen had time to sit on the stand in exchange for a long while, before Perrin ran out of the match to say the jury. Even after the game kanukkisentteri was quite hot.

Match the most unusual episode was seen 46 minutes. Ace guard Raannan skate laces tired of playoff atmosphere at a critical moment, and Juha Järvenpää jumped reiluksi minutes askiin new bands to adjust the time. Järvenpää had time to stop the puck twice against footing.

- It was a hard place on the lake, but he survived just fine. I do not like live to see 43 years, Karri Kivi siunaili.

Born into the empty goal 2-0-hit reflected the flow of the game too aptly. Clay woman went to put the torque in a will, that JYP players had to answer a question. Eventually, the golden cape sent to seal the game.

- I think that our proposal was a bit sähäkämpi than Jyväskylä. These are always great moments for the coach, when I was able to be a broad front. Small margins pelihän this was, just as it is the first stone to consider.

Teams collide next Friday, Jyväskylä, when JYP hunt for the series opening victory, and try not to let the past three Aces win a competitive advantage.

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