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Tappara is another mortgage

Written By Emile on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | 5:05 PM

Lukko and Tappara offered a tight battle in the second semi-final series of encounters. Already led to two goals a game the home team was not able to take a mortgage, but the victory went to the guests extra time goal enabled.

Lukko and Tappara encounter Rauma on Wednesday evening was the tension-filled wafer event. The first encounter like this one match went all the way up to a follow-up. The solution was seen over the minute guests thanks to an effective power play.

In the second period the two sides accidentally got paint on the run switch is done in the third period points to the results and will then have to blame themselves profit lipumisesta guests.

- The all round game that was like the first. We were hard all the time, but the victory was the Twisted. 3-1-loss position to play almost got to go yliyrittämiseksi, but when I returned to a good level grinding, smoothing was deservedly lived. Tight game and the journey continues, figuring evening koitosta foreign coach Jukka Rautakorpi.

- Easy to agree with the words of a colleague. Both had their moments in the game already solved regulation time. We got a two goal lead in a little mistake, and then pressing a little distracted. Faith is hard, that in the future we will be able to play better, though not in any way that we had a bad match, described the events in the home team's head coach Risto Dufva.

The match was seen as the solution to immediately follow the first batch minute when the home team was shorthanded. Guest good force needed just 10 seconds when the puck was a Lukko-Petri Vehanen watch your back.

- Keskittymisvirheitä like that, when you leave the work place at the wrong time, and carelessly, fretted Dufva Shorthanded birth moment.

Opening One teams went quite different thoughts. Lukko the wheel hit the red line after the end, while the Tappara invested more kiekolliseen making.

Paints subscribed equally between the two, however, succeeds once.
With a sense of

In the second period also rose by more emotions to the surface, and a few were seen torikokouksiakin. Also, the paint on both taps was opened properly completed successfully twice. The home team made a goal with, as well as under-the power play enabled. Guests were again scored by playing with a good end.

We went to the third round of the home team dominating the events. First, it became a disc Juha Metsola, guarded by the stanchion and then the paint was Juhani Jasulla empty paint faces. Doing lead paint, however, remained, and eventually led to a follow-up. The second half went more to both varmistellessa balanced situation.

- The team is not so terribly no experience winning the championship, but now there's not much time to learn those things. Now, to take action. Yet it is not a tight spot, I calculated Dufva Lukko after the defeat of the two possibilities.

- Games Our policy is clear and must be observed by everyone. Not here no-one would remember a few players lack reminded Rautakorpi two attackers to remain out of the finals.

The front is another huili day, and teams hit for the third time this coming Friday, one in Tampere.

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